The Impact of COVID on Long-Term Health

Published: May 16, 2022

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You probably won’t be surprised to learn that preventative health visits and care were down during the past two years due to COVID. In fact, well child checks are down 30% overall and common screenings for colorectal, breast and cervical cancer are down over 20%. Annual physicals have also experienced decreases.

One of the important aspects of Eliance Health Solutions health plans is ensuring health plan members receive the care they need so they can improve their health and well-being. One of the ways members can receive care is by attending routine appointments with their Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Primary Care Provider to help the patient stay on top of important screenings and vaccinations.

If you have missed an appointment with your Primary Care Provider over the last few years or reduced the number of visits to your Primary Care Provider during the pandemic, the Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health team has made it seamless to schedule an appointment and receive care immediately. Setting up an appointment is convenient and can be done online by clicking on this link.

Appointments can be scheduled online for-
·         In-Person Primary Care Visits
·         Video Primary Care Visits
·         In-Person Specialty Care Visits
·         Lab Tests & Mammograms
·         Vaccinations
·         COVID-19 Testing
·         Urgent Care

If a patient wants to setup an appointment but is unsure of where to start, their Primary Care Provider can help the patient navigate care by coordinating-
·         Cancer and Preventative Health Screenings
·         Adult Well Care
·         Adolescent Well Care
·         Well child care to ensure their immunizations are up-to-date

In addition to providing convenient scheduling for the appointments listed above, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health is also working to streamline the colorectal cancer screening process through the Screen on Time Program. Screen on Time provides a way to secure a screening appointment faster. If a patient does not have a family history of colorectal cancer, they can simply come in for a visit with their Primary Care Provider, take a home-based test in place of a colonoscopy and submit the test for review. The patient is able to interact with a medical professional for any questions or concerns via text throughout the process. The idea behind this approach is that it makes care simple and easy to receive so patients will be more inclined to receive the screening and stay on top of their health. If the patient needs to receive a colonoscopy, they can work with Regional GI for this screening.

Eliance Health Solutions members are encouraged to be proactive about their care and to prioritize any appointments and screenings now to ensure that another year doesn’t pass without receiving important preventative care. For health plan members unsure of where to start in their care journey, the first step is to setup an appointment with a Primary Care Provider to evaluate their overall health, identify any gaps in care and ensure that the proper treatment is prioritized. Ensuring health plan members receive the preventative care they need is another way Eliance Health Solutions keeps members healthy and helps employers manage their medical spend.