Eliance Health Plans are Driven by Advanced Clinical Initiatives to Keep Employees Healthy

Published: October 04, 2021

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One of the elements of the Eliance advantage is the way our plans emphasize coverage, care, transparency, connection, wellness and convenience. This post will highlight ways in which Eliance emphasizes care paths and the clinical elements of our plans, while incorporating the important aspects listed above.

One of the unique features of our health plans is our tiered network with robust local coverage. Providers in our Tier 1 Network, the Eliance Preferred Network, adhere to quality protocols, established care paths, electronic health records and data transparency. Through coordinated outreach programs, Eliance addresses preventative care gaps and helps high-risk patients receive the care they need. Our network also includes access to broad local and national coverage through the Preferred Health Care and Cigna provider networks.

Our emphasis on care pathways or treatment plans, which are a specific set of guidelines to help manage patient care, and our proactive, preventive approach to healthcare are aspects that set Eliance apart. Furthermore, our use of clinical data to deliver better care and provide better outcomes for patients is part of Eliance’s emphasis on improved care.

Eliance shares electronic medical record data, which enables transparency for analyzing population health, implementing meaningful wellness interventions, measuring outcomes and strategizing custom plan solutions to improve health while producing real savings.

The providers and services offered through Eliance support optimal health and wellness for your employees. Eliance Health Solutions incorporates Wellness programs into our health plans which are designed to engage, educate and empower employees to improve their health at no additional cost. We are committed to the health of your employees by providing a customized program that uses evidence-based strategies that work. The wellness program encourages employees to practice actions that support their health, such as getting their flu shots, health screenings and participating in health coaching. Employers who purchase a health plan through our team have access to the custom, onsite programs that Eliance Wellness offers. Additionally, employees can save up to $500 on their annual deductible for participation in the program. The program aims to promote more healthy employees and cause a reduction in workplace disruptions and health-related costs, which is supported by the measurable success of the program.

These clinical elements are what sets Eliance Health Solutions apart. The clinical components are designed to help you create a happier, healthier and more productive workplace at an affordable cost. Our local team is committed to providing you with quality care that incorporates the unique elements of our plans.