Caring for the Lancaster Community

Published: August 22, 2022

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One of the unique benefits of Eliance Health Solutions is our health plan’s affiliation with Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, an organization that has a history of commitment to the community. Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health is focused on caring for and improving the health of residents where they live, work, learn and play. The health system provides a variety of programs to the community including offerings that help address substance abuse, behavioral and mental health and food insecurity. Two of the programs available to Lancaster residents are Lead-Free Families and Quitting Nicotine.
The goal of Lead-Free Families is to eliminate childhood lead poisoning and provide healthy and safe housing to Lancaster County residents. Lead-Free Families is the first comprehensive childhood lead poisoning prevention program in the United States to be initially funded entirely by a health system. The program is available to residents living in properties built before 1978 and works with families that live in these homes to help them detect the presence of lead and fix the lead hazards found in the home. Lead-Free Families focuses specifically on homes with children age 6 and under and pregnant women since both groups are at the greatest risk of lead poisoning. There are specific income criteria to qualify for the program and participants that qualify receive the program benefits for free.
The program includes:
·         Lead screening
·         In-home lead testing and remediation
·         Healthcare and social service support
·         Lead education
The team at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health is also available to help navigate the testing process and can assist with follow up care to ensure children experiencing elevated lead levels demonstrate improvement over time. To learn more about the program please click here. To contact the Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health team to determine eligibility please call 717-544-LEAD (5323) or email
In addition to Lead-Free Families, the Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health team also offers a program called Quitting Nicotine. This program works to reduce nicotine use in Lancaster County and provides a variety of resources to help adults and teens stop smoking, vaping and using all other forms of nicotine.
Quitting Nicotine includes:
·         Telephonic and virtual coaching, as well as group classes for adults and teens
·         Young Lungs at Play, a statewide program centered around creating and adopting
          nicotine-free policies in select outdoor areas
·         Quit vaping programs for schools to encourage students to lead a nicotine free lifestyle
·         Adult and teen educational resources that provide information and support around
          quitting nicotine
·         Resources for parents to talk to their children about nicotine use
To learn more about Quitting Nicotine, please click here. To learn more about Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health’s support for quitting please call 717-544-3278.
Lead-Free Families and Quitting Nicotine are just two of the programs that Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health provides to the Lancaster community. To learn more about all of the initiatives available to Lancaster residents please visit the Caring for Lancaster website.
Our partnership with Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health and dedication to the community showcases how we are working to help local employers and employees stay healthy and manage their medical spend.