Behavioral Health Services for Eliance Health Solutions Employers

Author: Erica Brandt

Published: May 10, 2021

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Did you know that Eliance Health Solutions clients have access to the high quality behavioral health services of Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health as part of our health plan offering? Our health plan provides access to treatment for a variety of conditions such as depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar, and post traumatic stress disorder.

One of the advantages of receiving care through the Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health team is the accessibility of treatment. Patients can access counseling directly in primary and specialty care practices and psychiatry through various offices. Lancaster General Hospital has a behavioral health intervention team that provides assessment, referral and psychiatry consultation to patients in the emergency department and to those with behavioral health needs who are admitted at both LGH and Women’s & Babies Hospital.

Inpatient psychiatric hospitalization is available at the Lancaster Behavioral Health Hospital, a joint venture of LG Health. The Lancaster Behavioral Health Hospital is the only free standing psychiatric hospital in Lancaster County and the only adolescent unit in the county. This inpatient hospital has 126 beds and five units including an Acute Adult Unit, two General Adult Units, an Adolescent Unit and a Psychiatric/Medical Unit. 

In terms of outpatient care, the integrated counselor program is a unique concept that enables patients to receive mental health and substance use disorder treatment in the office when visiting their provider. This offering is advantageous to patients because it makes treatment more accessible and reduces the number of visits through outside facilities. It also helps to destigmatize the process of seeking treatment for mental health services. The clinicians work to help patients manage symptoms and make healthy lifestyle changes. One of the areas that is particularly useful for employers and employees is the implementation of stress management techniques to help control work-related stress employees may be experiencing.

When COVID-19 caused many organizations to close for safety reasons, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health was able to quickly adapt and offer tele-behavioral health services to patients. The rollout of tele-behavioral health allowed individuals to remain safe while receiving treatment and ensured there were no gaps in service. While the availability of tele-behavioral health stemmed from the response to practice closures during COVID-19, there are a variety of organizations working to make this a permanent offering. Tele-behavioral health services have a high level of patient satisfaction because this avenue removes barriers to care and still provides the proper level of treatment.

The behavioral health services included in Eliance Health Solutions health plans provide a variety of benefits to employers and employees. Employers can ensure their team members receive proper treatment for conditions such as stress and anxiety and substance use. Employees are able to access care in a variety of locations and receive the treatment they need in a timely and efficient manner.

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Erica Brandt

Erica Brandt is the Marketing Analyst for Eliance Health Solutions.