An Introduction to Eliance Health Solutions Health Plans

Published: December 17, 2020

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Eliance Health Solutions health plans were created in response to the high costs associated with medical coverage. Our health plans are backed by Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health and are designed to help Lancaster employers save money and keep their teams healthy and thriving!

We have been offering local employers coverage since 2016. Our product includes a variety of benefits such as a 25% discount off the best contracted rates on facility charges at Lancaster General Health.

The Eliance Preferred Network
Our plans are driven by the Eliance Preferred Network, our tiered network offering which includes a clinically integrated network while also incorporating broad local and national coverage through the Preferred Health Care and Cigna networks!

Self-Funded Health Plans for Your Business
All health plans are self-funded and offer a unique financial advantage to employers. When an employer finishes the year under their expected medical budget they get to retain a portion of the money saved. Our team works with employers to select the best self-funded health plan for their business.

Wellness Programs to Keep Employees Healthy
Eliance Health Solutions health plans include Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health’s award winning integrated Wellness program. The Wellness program has a variety of incentives and workshops so employees can earn credit for their efforts and improve their health. Employees that participate in the program are also offered an incentive to save up to $500 on their annual deductible.

To learn more about our health plan offerings and how we can create a solution for your business please contact our team. Our team works with employers to select the best health plan design for their business.